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One of the key aspects, which make Zásilkovna “Zásilkovna“, is our one-of-a-kind company culture. This mainly consists of a group of great people. Experienced seniors or ambitious juniors, who work for us, are able to perfectly complement one another and work together on projects which contribute to the world of e-commerce.

5 reasons why working at Zásilkovna means finding your dream job

More about Zásilkovna
We grow at rocket speed

If you want to learn a lot of new things and advance in your career, you won’t find a better company.

We all pull on the same rope

The more experienced employees support newbies, and we all help each other; together we celebrate achievements and constructively solve setbacks.

We are a digital company

This means that we are very fond of new technologies and we have no problem with working online. Therefore, the option of home office for office positions is a must!

We work globally

Everyone has the option of attending English, German and Russian language courses for free in our Prague office.

We are a team outside of work as well

Our company culture is not an empty concept. We have parties, arrange team building events and we exercise using the benefits of the Multisport card. This applies when we don’t have to deal with a pandemic...

The Story

We are a purely Czech logistics company which was launched by Simona Kijonková in 2010.
Who we are
Startup Global Platform

From Start-up to a Global Digital Platform

Since then, we have shipped millions of parcels and expanded into different countries. You can find us under Packeta Group in Slovakia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania and also the United Arab Emirates! We deliver parcels to more than 30 countries worldwide. Pick-up points are our main asset where customers can comfortably pick up goods from e-shops. We have 9,425 pick-up points in the Czech Republic and cooperate with 49,000 e-shops. Our goal is to become a global, digital, logistics platform which will enable worldwide parcel shipping.

6 100 000 000
Turnover (CZK)
Year of foundation
Number of employees
Average age of employees
4 %
Staff turnover
48 %
Gender representation
52 %

How does the selection
procedure work?


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Wait for a reply
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We plan an interview
Once we choose the right candidates, we contact them by phone. We usually agree on the next steps and subsequently arrange an in-person or online interview.


Meeting face-to-face
During the interview, you will meet our HR colleagues and (maybe) your future immediate superior or your new colleague. Prepare questions and ask us about anything that interests you! You will also taste our excellent coffee!


We will welcome you to the team
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