Become a Partner
of Zásilkovna

Do you want to attract more customers to your store? Have you recently opened a new establishment and want people to know about it? Are you interested in expanding services in your municipality? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Two Ways to Partner Up
With Zásilkovna

Become a pick-up point

Imagine that someone brings new customers, arranges advertising and pays you for it. A miracle? Not at all! Cooperation with Zásilkovna can bring you all of these benefits. We will bring new customers, give you a commission for each parcel picked up by the customer and at the same time, increase the visibility of your establishment.

New customers

Online advertising


Expand services thanks to Z-BOXes

The Z-BOX is a self-service pick-up point of Zásilkovna in the form of a box which enables service expansion in a specific area, increases the value of property developments or can increase attendance in shopping centers. We can place it anywhere convenient for local residents and we are also capable of designing it based on specific needs.

Without lines or waiting

Open non-stop

Picking-up with mobile

How does it work?

We are the partner of more than 15,760 entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania and other countries since 2010.

Own pick-up points
Cooperating e-shops
106.1 mil
Shipped parcels

Why Is It Beneficial
to Become
a Pick-up Point?

I want my store to become a pick-up point
We will attract new customers

Dozens of customers will pick up their parcels daily. People may not have known about your establishment until they found it on our list of pick-up points. Once they visit your shop, besides picking up their parcel, they might also buy something or use your services!

You will make extra money

Pick-up points will get a commission for each received or picked up parcel. You can earn several thousand crowns per month.

You will send goods for a cheaper price

Do you have an e-shop? Then you will be pleased to know that we offer our pick-up point partners shipping of their goods for a discounted price!

Customers can pick up their parcels during lockdown as well

In 2023, Zásilkovna delivered more than 106,000,000 parcels to customers from 33 of the world. And it's still growing. More parcels mean more commission for you. Handle parcels for the whole world at your branch!

You will be more visible and this is completely free of charge!

Your establishment will be found in our pick-up point search engine by customers of 49,000 e-shops. You will also be visible on our website which is visited by more than a million users per month.

You won’t have to deal with unnecessary bureaucracy

Zásilkovna is the synonym for picking up parcels quickly and without lines. This is the reason why our system for parcel receipt and pickup is easy and effective. Administration takes place in a computer interface; customers use their mobile phone for parcel submission. 

Running a pick-up point will not take up too much of your time

  • Running the pick-up point will take approximately 25-30 minutes daily!

  • Handing over the parcel to the customer takes approximately 60 seconds – the same applies for submission!

  • We will provide all necessary equipment which will speed up work (such as barcode readers, printers) for free!   

  • Training for you and your employees is also included.

How to Run
a Pick-up Point?

The system of picking up and receiving parcels is completely automated; therefore it is fast and simple. This is mainly what cooperation with Zásilkovna is about!


Parcel pickup by the customer
The customer informs you of the password. After that, you enter it into our web interface and hand over the parcel. That’s all! No paper work or checking ID cards is involved.


Parcel receipt from the customers
Parcel submission is carried out via mobile application Zásilkovna where the customer enters all necessary data about the parcel ahead of time. All you have to do is scan the code on the label which is attached to the parcel or enter the customer’s password into admin for parcel submission.


Parcel receipt from Zásilkovna and returns
How do you receive the customer’s parcel in the first place? Our courier delivers them to your establishment every day at the agreed time. After that, you scan the parcel barcodes. Parcels which have not been picked up after a specified period of time can be placed into a box and handed over to our courier.

Stories from Pick-up Points

“We run pick-up points of Zásilkovna in all of our establishments. Thanks to the fact that Zásilkovna attracts new customers every day, the circle of people interested in our products keeps expanding. This is why we always incorporate the service of Zásilkovna when opening a new establishment. ”

Michal Pěnička

Stories from Pick-up Points

If you still aren’t sure if pick-up point operation is the right thing for you, if you will have enough time, then listen to the stories from entrepreneurs who have experience with parcel receipt and pickup and who can summarize the benefits of cooperation with Zásilkovna.

What Criteria Do I Have to Meet to Become a Pick-up Point of Zásilkovna?

A self-employed person, shop owner, e-shop or service establishment, for example a car service, can all become pick-up point operators. You can find 9,380 diverse pick-up points in the Czech Republic. It can be hair salons, delicatessen shops, chocolate shops or even glass shops.


Your establishment is located in a municipality or city with a minimum population of 1,000.


There is no other pick-up point of Zásilkovna nearby.


Your establishment is bright and spacious and enables parcel storage and manipulation (storage space at least 1 x 2 m).


You have access to Internet at the establishment and own a computer.


Pick-up points are also accessible to children and the range of sold products also meets this criteria.


Parking spaces nearby and barrier-free access are also benefits.

I want my store to become a pick-up point


We have new customers for you!

Are you interested in the support of your business, letting people in your area know about your establishment, attracting new customers, saving money on advertising? Become a pick-up point of Zásilkovna!