Looking red,

thinking green


Looking red,

thinking green


Right direction

We think about the future

Sustainability is what links our business together. Because running a business is about thinking ahead and setting the right direction. We as a CSR-focused company choose to respect the environment, use resources mindfully, and have a positive impact on society.

Priorities that matter to us at Zásilkovna


Every day, we are environmentally conscious, and we look for ways to minimize the impact of the logistics industry on our planet.


We are trendsetters when it comes to using technology to shift e-commerce and logistics to another level. Our technologies save resources as well as time.


We are pioneers in using alternative energy sources in the Czech Republic. We put their application into practice—whether it's hydrogen, electricity, or solar energy.


Our ideas are setting trends beyond the gates of logistics. We invest heavily in technology development with a clear goal—to bring modernization to society.


Our e-commerce services make life easier. We take care of our community and provide help to those in need.

Our green offices and depots

We were thinking about sustainability even when choosing a new building for our headquarters. Balabenka Office Building has solar panels on the roof and offers a charging station for electric cars. We've also equally equipped our depots, where the delivery vans, carts, and forklifts all run on electricity.

Packeta Group rides the green wave

We also presented our sustainability strategy at Expo 2020 Dubai. We won't deprive you of the video either. What is Packeta doing to help improve the environment?

Watch the video

Looking red, thinking green

Our sustainability strategy

Green mobility

Alternative energy sources

Waste magement


Continuous growth

We know that our planet is starting to give us a taste of the way we've been treating it. And that's why we consider it extremely important to face the future with respect. Because it is us, our generation, who will decide the fate of those who come after us. We are aware of this, and it is the reason behind our effort to find green ways.



Although our primary focus is hydrogen use, we are also testing out other alternative resources and transport possibilities. One of these is electricity—to power everything with wheels. The development of hydrogen technology is going to take a while, but electric cars are already available. That's why we are looking for ways of using them in logistics.


Collective transport to pick-up points

Pick-up points. You would hardly find a company more focused on parcel pick-up than Packeta. In 2010, Simona Kijonková has started to build the pick-up point network to make parcel shipping easier for online shops and offer customers the possibility of parcel pick-up at their leisure. Consequently, she created a sustainable way of parcel delivery—because pick-up points can gather a larger number of parcels in one place, delivery routes become shorter, and produced emissions are significantly lower.


Bikes and last mile

Parcel delivery via bikes is now a common standard in the world and we want to bring the same here. Bike delivery is an environmentally friendly way of parcel delivery that has proven excellent, especially for last-mile delivery. And what´s more, equipped with bikes we can reach customers unreachable by car—for example those who live in historical parts of towns. See how our e-courier navigates the streets of Prague.


Solar panels

When choosing the provider of our self-service pick-up points (Z-BOXes), the most important criterion was a solution that would be ecological and sustainable. So today, there are more than 4,119 Z-BOXes in the Czech Republic that are fully powered by solar panels and do not need to be plugged in. And, we are slowly but surely making our depots self-sufficient as well—we are installing photovoltaic panels on the roofs to power building operations and fuel charging stations for electric cars.



We want to become pioneers of using hydrogen as an energy source in the Czech Republic. Because of that, we already have a project in place for a company hydrogen pumping station. As one of the first companies so far, we tested hydrogen for powering office appliances. And, as members of the Czech Hydrogen Technology Platform (HYTEP), we participate in regular member meetings where we discuss the options and further development of hydrogen use in the CR and across Europe.


Waste handling

In all our workplaces—depots, or offices—we apply waste management in order to reuse materials and lower the expenses of waste removal. We educate our employees about recycling and buy equipment that helps eliminate single-use plastics. Besides that, we test out alternative packaging materials, such as biodegradable film.



Zero waste is the way to go. With this mindset, we are giving new life to what would be thrown out. For example, we took the cardboard boxes that previously served as parcel packaging and were no longer usable and created walls in our new headquarters from them. What else would represent a logistics company more accurately than offices with cardboard-made walls! We try to replace cardboard boxes with cardboard-plastic ones because they last much longer and can therefore be reused again and again.



We decided to shift recycling to another level by recycling all the way to junk materials. Because even recycled plastics tend to end up dumped somewhere. We are setting up a system for junk materials to reuse as much as we can and give materials another life.


Work safety and health protection

Sustainability is about more than just being “eco-friendly” or “green”, it is about maintaining a healthy workspace and employees because employees are what it comes to in the end. Health goes hand in hand with psychological and physical well-being, and that's why we are very particular about providing a comfortable workspace for our employees. Ergonomic chairs and safety courses are the foundation, and internal safety- and prevention audits are a must-have that together with optimization suggestions improve the working conditions for all our employees.


CSR projects

CSR represents the pillars of a well-functioning and sustainable company. We take it for granted to deliver not only parcels but also happiness and support to those facing various life challenges. To those where even a little help can turn life the right side up. We cannot change the whole world, but what we can do is make the lives of dozens of people better.


Eco-conscious projects

Sustainability is a topic that really resonates with people in our company, and with entire companies across various industries. Starting from 2023, all companies with over 250 employees will be obliged by law to report their carbon footprint. Because of this, we, together with other companies, are looking for ways to help our planet as soon as possible. Check out our green partnerships.

Our partners
and the common goal

It is not just us. Sustainability is the way to go for a number of companies. And the best way of succeeding is together! Thanks to the wonderful partnerships with major car companies, we are trying to boost electromobility in the Czech Republic. And thanks to our membership in the Czech Hydrogen Technology Platform, we're able to be a part of several projects trying to develop hydrogen technologies in the Czech Republic. If we go hand in hand, we can achieve much more for our planet.