A parcel may get lost or damaged on its way. We are sorry, but sometimes that can happen. If there has been a problem with your parcel, we are going to help you resolve it.

Complaints can be filed in compliance with our General Terms and Conditions for the following reasons:


Suspected loss of parcel


Damage to the contents of the parcel during shipping, return or after delivery


Missing contents of the parcel after return or delivery


Exchange of parcel


Delay in delivery for more than 7 days for parcels delivered to the Czech Republic and more than 10 days for parcels delivered abroad (complaints can only be filed for parcels that have already been delivered)


Failure to transfer the cash on delivery amount after delivery

If you are dissatisfied for reasons other than those listed above (1-6), it is unlikely to be a complaint as stated above. Please forward your feedback via our contact form.

If you have experienced one of the above situations, please select the group you belong to by clicking the button below before filing a complaint: