Price lists and surcharges

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Complete Price List and Parameters
Price lists and surcharges for parcel sending with Zásilkovna

Where and for how much?

Fuel surcharge

The fuel surcharge for road transport valid from February 15, 2024: 9 %.

The amount of the surcharge is determined according to the Diesel price development index at Czech gas stations published daily on the website.

Diesel price in CZK/l

Delivery to PP

Amount of fuel surcharge in %

Up to 29,99 CZK/l

3 %

30,00 – 31,49 CZK/l

4 %

31,50 – 32,99 CZK/l

5 %

33,00 – 34,49 CZK/l

6 %

34,50 – 35,99 CZK/l

7 %

36,00 – 37,49 CZK/l

8 %

37,50 – 38,99 CZK/l

9 %

over 38,99 CZK/l

+ 1% per every additional 1,50 CZK

  • The fuel surcharge applies to parcels directed to Packeta & Zásilkovna company pick-up points.

  • In the case of the Zásilkovna Home Delivery, the fuel surcharge is already included in the price of the service.

  • The fuel surcharge is always calculated from the remuneration of shipping without VAT according to a valid Zásilkovna s.r.o. pricelist.

  • The fuel surcharge is determined each weekday according to the Diesel price development index at Czech gas stations (the fuel surcharge for each submitted parcel listed in the invoice will always correspond with the given market price).

  • That´s why you can see different amounts of the fuel surcharge in the invoice with each parcel.

  • The fuel surcharge for transportation is always listed in the invoice separately.

Recent changes in fuel surcharge prices


Amount of fuel surcharge in %

Diesel price in CZK/l

1. 9. 2023

9 %

38,09 CZK/l

18 . 9. 2023

10 %

39,85 CZK/l

13 . 11. 2023

9 %

38,96 CZK/l

4. 12. 2023

8 %

37,45 CZK/l

15. 2. 2024

9 %

37,45 CZK/l

10. 4. 2024

10 %

37,45 CZK/l

Toll Surcharge

Method of delivery

Pick-up point delivery

Amount of toll surcharge

Parcel up to 5 kg within the Czech Republic and abroad

2,10 Kč

Parcel up to 15 kg within the Czech Republic and abroad

4,80 Kč

In the case of the Home Delivery service, the fuel and toll surcharge is already included in the price.

Customs Declarations

The customs procedure applies to parcels sent to the UK, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, the USA, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates.

Do you want to send goods to end customers in any of the countries listed above with Zásilkovna? Then you will need the following:

  • Power of attorney for representation in customs proceedings

  • EORI number

  • Data for completing the customs declaration


EORI is an identification number used for communication with the customs administration. It is assigned once and usually copies the VAT number. If you plan to send goods outside the EU, you should have an EORI number assigned for an indefinite period.

How to receive an EORI?

You can apply for an EORI number at your nearest customs office by submitting a completed application form. This can be downloaded from the website of the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic. The service is free of charge.

Download the EORI application
What is the procedure?
  1. Contact our customs department at

  2. Send us a power of attorney for indirect representation in customs proceedings and the assigned EORI number.

  3. After checking the details, we will enable the submission of parcels outside the EU in the client interface.

And then there's nothing that can stop you from submitting your parcel!

Data for filling in the customs declaration

When submitting a parcel to a country outside the EU, you must first fill in

1. Method of Customs Clearance
Self-declaration (you have your own export document or EAD – Export Accompanying Document)

In case of this option, you need to fill in the MRN number related to the parcel and attach the EAD customs declaration and invoice as separate pdf files in the email you will send us.

Important: For parcels sent to Russia, the EAD must also be attached directly to the parcel.

Issuing a customs declaration via Zásilkovna

Don't have your own EAD? We will be happy to issue it for you. The fee for this service is CZK 100 for one EAD issued, including the first item of the customs declaration. If you have additional items, you will pay an extra CZK 25 for each of them. The issued document as well as the report on leaving the EU, which you can use for tax purposes, will be then uploaded into your client section for download.

Postal clearance (no EAD and no charges)

If you choose this customs clearance option, we do not provide you with any proof of exit from the EU.

The clearance options listed above are active depending on the carrier you choose and the services it provides. Exceptions apply to the following countries:

  • UK: we only use the postal solution. Therefore, we cannot issue or conclude an EAD.

  • Ukraine: the default setting is negotiated by the postal regime. If you wish to send parcels with your own EAD or with a customs document from Zásilkovna, please contact us at

  • USA: Only a postal solution is possible, but with the option of providing an export receipt.

  • Russia: For parcels sent to Russia, the EAD must also be attached directly to the parcel.

2. Customs Code

The customs code is an 8-digit marking of traded goods or the so-called combined nomenclature based on the HS code and supplemented by a two-digit marking.

Taric CZ Application
3. Name of Goods

The name of goods is a detailed description of the goods being sent, which includes the following information:

  • what type of goods

  • what are the goods used for

  • what material are they made of

The description is mandatory in English and optional in Czech. We then use Czech language in the customs declaration.

Example of description: Glass demijohn for wine with a volume of 2 l / Skleněný demižon na víno o objemu 2 l

Billing options

We offer two options of billing for our services and for sending cash on delivery amounts. You can set up these two options by logging into the client section.