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Zásilkovna Home Delivery

Fast and reliable parcel delivery to your customers' doors. We deliver D+1 to over 90% of all parcels submitted to depots in the Czech Republic. In the D+2 mode, we manage Slovakia, Germany or Poland.


Numbers that will interest you

100 %

Coverage of CZ

Our base consists of 14 distribution depots and 50 microdepots. They ensure broad and optimized coverage of 100% of the places available within the road network.

47 %

Rapid increase

The year-on-year increase in the volume of parcels 2021 vs 2022 was 40%. Already in Q1 2023, however, the increase compared to Q1 2022 was 47%.

600 000+

Thousands a day

In December 2023, we delivered 782,000 parcels. 98% were delivered directly to the recipient or, by agreement, stored at the pick-up point.

5 600 000+

Interest in service

In 2022, we delivered over 3 million parcels, in 2023 more than 5 million.

1,42 %

Low return volume

Only this percentage of all parcels delivered was returned to the sender.


Up to 500 couriers in the field per day

Thanks to route optimization, we know in advance when the courier will deliver the parcel and the customer knows the delivery time window with an accuracy of 90 minutes. We monitor a whole range of delivery quality parameters.

How does it work


Zásilkovna Home Delivery
The customer selects the Home Delivery service in the online shop cart.


Notification to customer
As soon as the online shop hands over the parcel to us for transport, the customer will receive a notification with information about the delivery date.


Delivery day
On the delivery day, the recipient receives an SMS with a 90-minute time window when the courier will deliver the parcel.


Delivery to the customer
Upon arrival, the driver calls the customer twice or rings the bell. The transfer takes place securely after the password has been provided (or after verification of the identity document).
Maximum comfort for you and your customers

Checking addresses in advance

We first verify the addresses of the recipients in the official map documents. If there is an error in the address, we will send a request to the recipient or sender to correct the address.

Easy recognition

Not reaching the addressee?

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for a turnover of CZK 57,000,000

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Sustainable transport with Zásilkovna

We are constantly looking for ways to minimize the impact of logistics on the environment. Read about the sustainability of our shipping.

We verify the correctness of addresses

Thanks to notifications, the sender has the opportunity to correct inaccuracies in the recipient's address and thus avoid delivery delays or returns.

How to implement the service in your online shop

You can find technical details on the implementation of Zásilkovna Home Delivery service in the documentation.

How to correctly set up the service in the cart

The correct name of the service in the cart and the brand manual for download below.

How does Home Delivery service work

Our couriers will deliver the parcel to any address in the Czech Republic. How exactly does the delivery work?

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