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Home Delivery

Home. To the office. To work at the reception desk. Our driver will personally deliver your parcel to any address in the Czech Republic. We now have fully managed home delivery to make it faster and even more efficient. Welcome the driver in red with the logo of Zásilkovna right at your door. From now on, we deliver directly to your house!

70,000 parcels

shipped to the addresses of customers in a single day

95% coverage

of the Czech Republic

700 vehicles

and 700 drivers in the busiest season

The parcel will be delivered to your address on the next day.

98% of parcels directed to your address are delivered in the D+1 mode. Enjoy fast delivery directly to your doorstep!

Exact delivery time

As soon as the courier has loaded your parcel, we will send you a notification with delivery information in the range of 90 minutes.

Parcel tracking info

We have a great notification system and therefore you will be constantly updated on every movement of your parcel. It will be displayed right on your mobile!

Storage at the pick-up point

If the courier doesn't reach you, your parcel will be deposited at the nearest pick-up point where you can also pick it up on the same day.

How does it work?


Purchase goods in the e-shop which cooperates with Zásilkovna.


In the shopping basket, select shipping via "Zásilkovna to your address".


We will send you information about the receipt of the parcel from the e-shop.


Once the courier has loaded the parcel, we will inform you of the delivery time in the range of 90 minutes.


"We have been offering the home delivery service for a long time. However, we have always used third parties, i.e. external shipping partners. Now, we provide parcel shipping to the address independently and the whole service is handled entirely by us. We are able to ensure 100% quality of service, and thanks to our wide network of depots across the Czech Republic, we are able to deliver parcels to the addresses of customers the next day."

Simona Kijonková
Founder and co-owner of Zásilkovna

Zásilkovna Home Delivery

We deliver goods from 30,000 e-shops to your doorstep. Simply select the "Zásilkovna to address" shipping option in your cart and your parcel

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