How to Start

We have initiated cooperation, and you're going to start sending goods with Zásilkovna? Check out our tips on how to implement our system and how to let your customers know about the news.

3 Steps on how to Launch Zásilkovna in Your E-shop

Let’s Launch the System

It will be very easy to implement Zásilkovna if you have a boxing solution in your e-shop (e.g. Shoptet). Only a few clicks are necessary in the e-shop admin. In case you have a more complex design of your e-shop solution, then an administrator or programmer will help you with the implementation. You can connect to Zásilkovna via API and start enjoying all the benefits immediately! We offer you various options to customize the system so that everything fits your store.

The Pick-up Point Search Engine Does Miracles

You don't have a box solution for your e-shop? We recommend adding a search engine for pick-up points called widget manually. Through it, customers can easily choose the pick-up point which is nearby. The search engine also allows you to filter pick-up points - for example, according to weekend opening hours, card payment options, wheelchair access or availability. We update the pick-up point data daily, so your customers can always find a pick-up point that suits their requirements. And they can do some more shopping! Open implementation guide

Update the Shopping Cart

Write a brief description of the shipping of the goods next to the Zásilkovna icon. This could be "Next day delivery to a selected pick-up point in your area" or "We will deliver your order to a selected pick-up point. You will receive info by SMS and email as soon as the goods are ready for collection at the pick-up point". Add a logo that allows the customer to identify their favorite carrier at first sight.

Let Your Customers Know That You Have Zásilkovna!

4 Tips on how to Present Shipping Options in Your E-shop

According to a survey by Shoptet and Zboží.cz, Zásilkovna is the most popular shipping method. So let your customers know that they have the option of having their goods delivered to pick-up points!


Add a Banner to Your Homepage

Inform your customers directly on the homepage of the e-shop that you deliver through Zásilkovna. They will immediately know that you offer the cheapest shipping method in the market, and they will be excited to buy your products!

Download Banner


Use the Pop-up Window

Is Zásilkovna new in your e-shop? Inform your customers about it as soon as they visit your website. A pop-up will catch their attention and let them know they have even more options in your store. And what can this pop-up look like?

The "How It Works" button will then direct you to an informative subpage about shipping via Zásilkovna.


Create a Subpage about Zásilkovna

Inform your customers on how Zásilkovna works and let them know that it is fast, convenient and easy. Your customers will appreciate if you explain the delivery process and describe the benefits they get from Zásilkovna. A special subpage with the address is ideal for this.

To make it easier for you, we have prepared a text that you can simply copy. It couldn't be easier!

How Does Zásilkovna Work?

  • In the shopping cart, select shipping to the pick-up point of Zásilkovna.

  • In the pick-up point search engine, find the one you have nearby. There are thousands of pick-up points and self-service, contactless pick-up points Z-BOX at your disposal.

  • Your order usually arrives at the pick-up point within the next day.

  • As soon as the order is ready at the selected pick-up point, Zásilkovna will send you an informative e-mail and a text message with a password for pickup.

  • You just need to report the password at the pick-up point. You can send anyone to pick up your parcel - just give them the password.

  • You can pay the cash on delivery amount directly at the pick-up point, either in cash or by payment card.

  • You can find out where your order is located in the Parcel Tracking section.

  • You have 7 days to collect your parcel.

  • We recommend downloading the mobile app Zásilkovna where you can track the movement of your parcel, extend the storage period to up to 21 days or pay for cash on delivery.

  • Returning goods is easy with Zásilkovna: just enter the return in the mobile app or use the label that will be included in your parcel. Then take the parcel to the nearest Zásilkovna submission point and you're done!


Add Zásilkovna to and Zboží.cz

E-shops that are registered on the portals and Zboží.cz and deliver via Zásilkovna can present the possibility of shipping to our pick-up points in the product details. Customers will thus receive the information that your store delivers via Zásilkovna when selecting the goods on the comparison site. And maybe this will be the decisive factor for them to buy your products!

Do You Want to Let People Know About Your E-shop?

Let's organize a contest, special shipping days, special offers or other marketing events together! Contact us and we will definitely come up with something.


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