Delivery of packages
in the Czech Republic

98% of parcels are usually delivered to the pick-up point within the next day.

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Our Services

According to our data, 98% of customers prefer to have their goods delivered to pick-up points. They can pick up their parcel at a time that suits them best and do not have to wait for a courier.

Complete logistics solutions

With one click you get our pick-up points, delivery to address, reverse logistics as well as support and customer service.


Pick-up points

Offer your customers the opportunity to pick up their parcel conveniently at one of thousands of pick-up points in Slovakia and get a competitive advantage!

Delivery to address

We also offer the possibility of delivering parcels directly to the customers' address. We will send them precise information about the delivery time in advance.

Return logistics

returning goods with Zásilkovna is more than easy! We have two return logistics options for you. You will find more information here.

High quality support

Your customers will be able to contact our customer service or chatbot, our team of advisors will be available for any help or advice.

Technological innovation

We set the direction in logistics. Your customers will be able to use self-service Z-Boxes or our Z-BOT robotic pick-up point.

Price list for delivery
to the Czech Republic

Delivery to Pick-up Point
from CZK54
Home Delivery
from CZK79

Prices are valid for delivery within the Czech Republic. Prices do not include VAT.

Full Price List in PDF

Further information

Evening delivery

Within the largest cities (Prague, Brno, Ostrava) we offer delivery to address in the evening. In case you submit your parcels at the relevant depots by 16:00, at selected branches by 13:00 or via pick-ups, we will deliver them within the city on the same day, in the evening between 18:00 and 22:00. Submission is also possible at other branches throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia, in this case we will deliver the goods the next day.

Fill in both contacts

  • Mandatory contact details: For delivery to an address, both contact details of the addressee, i.e. phone number and e-mail, must be provided. Parcels with missing contact details cannot be submitted for processing by the system.

  • Delivery to a P.O. Box address is not possible.

Do you want to deliver
with Zásilkovna?


Connect to the system
As soon as you connect to our system via API, you can start using the services of the Czech Zásilkova, all our branches within the Packeta Group and dozens of foreign carriers.


Enter parcels into the system
You will enter parcels into the system in one single interface. Just save the parcel details, print out the label and attach it to the parcel. No unnecessary paperwork.


You can submit or hand over the parcels to the courier
You can submit the parcels by yourself or hand them over to our driver


Track your parcel
From the depot, parcels are delivered to the customers or to our foreign transport partners. Each parcel has its own tracking number, which allows you to track its movement.


Done! The parcel has been delivered
We will deliver the parcel to your customers at the pick-up point, directly to the address or to the Z-BOX self-service pick-up point. You will be notified immediately about the successful delivery.


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