Don't fall for the scammers!
Fraudulent SMS


"I know the term phishing, I've read about all the cases. And I still got caught! I got a message telling me that there was something wrong with my shipment and to click on the link and pay. Well, I clicked and paid - but the link was obviously nonsense! And here I thought I had the internets down pat ... don't be fooled like me!"

Theresa M.
28 years old

Fraudulent SMS

The company Zásilkovna s.r.o. always informs its customers within the official mobile number, where Zásilkovna is automatically displayed in the sender field.

We recommend not to respond to unknown and suspicious SMS and to delete them straight away.

Alert beware

Examples of fraudulent sender phone numbers and links in SMS

  • 9996238




Examples of fraudulent SMS

Take a look at the most common cases of fraudulent behaviour. What can scammers' traps look like?

Take a look at the most common cases of fraudulent behaviour. What can scammers' traps look like?

Take a look at the most common cases of fraudulent behaviour. What can scammers' traps look like?

5 things
to watch out for
in the online waters

Suspicious SMS payment confirmation

Did you receive a text message to confirm a payment you didn't enter? That clearly smells like fraud! Even more so when the message contains incompatible and strange characters, like question marks instead of the letters you selected.

Fragile Czech

Sure, SMS messages are accent-free, but a clunky word or an automatic translation will tell you that something is wrong... Don't click on links from such messages and check the sender.

Send an SMS and win a million!

"Write a message in the form SOUTEZ VAS EMAIL VAS TELEFON and send it to the number..." Beware of these text messages and contests that ask you to send personal, let alone payment information.

Beware of transactional codes

Fraudsters send an SMS with a fake transaction code and a request to forward the message. One big warning! Never forward SMS with these codes to anyone.

Use your common sense

Navigating the online waters seems complicated, but the lifeline is verification. Use search engines, look for information, do your research - and always before opening strange messages. Because then it may be too late...


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The most common scammer traps

What do fraudulent emails, websites and text messages look like? We have prepared more detailed pages for you, where you can find actual fraudulent links or phone numbers.

Have you been targeted by internet fishermen?

Have you encountered fraudulent behaviour where someone uses the logo or name of Zásilkovna unfairly? Let us know about it! Together we can eliminate these cases. We are in this together.