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Fraudulent Emails


"I received an email from the parcel delivery service telling me that my credit card had not been charged for the parcel and to pay again via the link. I was glad they let me know. And then several thousand disappeared from my account. The mail wasn't sent by the Zasilkovna at all, the sender was some foreign server. But I didn't find that out until I dealt with the police. You learn by mistakes, but this one was really expensive!"

Lucas H.
52 years old

Fraudulent Emails

The company Zásilkovna s.r.o. informs customers only through its official e-mail addresses. They always end with the company's, or a derivative of the respective foreign branch (SK, HU, DE, RO, PL) if you are sending or expecting a shipment from abroad. Other email addresses are not official addresses.

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Fraudulent Emails







Examples of fraudulent emails

Take a look at the most common cases of fraudulent behaviour. What can scammers' traps look like?

5 things
to watch out for
in the online waters

Untrustworthy email sender In the email, the scammer will use the logo, name or colours of the parcel company to inspire confidence. Remember that emails from us always come from an email address with the, or a derivative of the respective foreign branch such as

Watch out for attachments in email

Don't open email attachments from strange addresses and senders you don't trust. Your computer may be compromised and your security compromised.

Suspicious links

An email from a strange sender asking you to click on a link or send money doesn't bode well. As we say: "Check twice, pay once!"

Eliciting a feeling of urgency

"If you do not click on the link below immediately, we will not deliver the parcel and will return it to you. CLICK NOW!" That's what an email from a scammer can sound like, with one aim: to make you panic and lure the crowns out of your pocket.


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The most common scammer traps

What do fraudulent emails, websites and text messages look like? We have prepared more detailed pages for you, where you can find actual fraudulent links or phone numbers.

Have you been targeted by internet fishermen?

Have you encountered fraudulent behaviour where someone uses the logo or name of Zásilkovna unfairly? Let us know about it! Together we can eliminate these cases. We are in this together.