Don't fall for the scammers!
Fraudulent websites


"I fell in love with one pair of designer shoes that cost less than 2 thousand CZK everywhere. And then I found them on one e-shop for 599 CZK! What a total joy! I mean, until the shoes were nowhere to be found after a month... I wanted to write to them, but there was no contact information on the website. Well, I should have been weirded out just by the fact that all the text on the site was so strange and with weird grammar."

Amanda N.
32 years old

Fraudulent websites

Our official website is Always make sure your domain name is correct, with no special characters or letters added, before making a payment to keep your funds safe. You can see examples of fake domains on the right.

Alert Fraudulent domains

Examples of fraudulent domains

  • https://zasilkovna-cz






Any Internet domain different from the official domain of the company Zásilkovna s.r.o. -, is fraudulent.

Examples of fraudulent sites

See examples of fraudulent websites. What can scam traps look like?

See examples of fraudulent websites. What can scam traps look like?

See examples of fraudulent websites. What can scam traps look like?

See examples of fraudulent websites. What can scam traps look like?

5 things
to watch out for
in the online waters

Official domain

Whatever you are dealing with when it comes to Zasilkovna, always make sure you are on the right domain. Any other character or font in the URL means something is wrong. There is only one Zasilkovna!

Fraudulent payment Gateways

Check twice, pay once! Never open strange links from emails and text messages that come from unknown addresses and numbers. Your payment details may be compromised.

Check e-shop reviews

Stick to our top ten tips for checking out an e-shop. For example, be wary of e-shops that do not use diacritics in their text. And watch out for suspiciously good deals - a strangely low price can be a sneaky trap!

Shopping online in bazaars

Be vigilant when buying and selling, as scammers are very active here. Always check the seller's rating. Watch out for fake links and ideally pay cash on delivery.


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Send it by email or on instagram. Share important information on your networks, make a printscreen and send it on. Help us educate people and spread awareness!

The most common scammer traps

What do fraudulent emails, websites and text messages look like? We have prepared more detailed pages for you, where you can find actual fraudulent links or phone numbers.

Have you been targeted by internet fishermen?

Have you encountered fraudulent behaviour where someone uses the logo or name of Zásilkovna unfairly? Let us know about it! Together we can eliminate these cases. We are in this together.