Send via Z-BOX to anywhere in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary

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No delivery PAPERS

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Forget waiting in line and unnecessary paperwork. Parcel drop-off via Z-BOX takes 30 seconds. Plus, you're saving the environment because there´s no need for delivery slips, and our solar-powered Z-BOX is the most environmentally friendly way of shipping.

How to submit a parcel via Z-BOX

It's quick and easy. Create a shipping order in Packeta mobile app, write the drop-off password on the parcel, insert it in the Z-BOX locker and that's it! Check out the video tutorial or click here for a detailed how-to.

How the service works

Provide your parcel with a drop-off password

Pack the parcel correctly. Click on Ship a parcel in Packeta mobile app. After paying, click on Go to parcels. Then, click on Parcel drop-off and select the To Z-BOX option.

It starts in Packeta mobile app

A 6-digit drop-off password will pop up. Write this password legibly on the parcel. In the app, in the Pick-up points section, click to see details about the availability of lockers.

On site at Z-BOX

Turn on mobile data, Bluetooth and location services on your phone. At that moment, the application searches for the nearest Z-BOX. Click on Select mailbox to view the currently available Z-BOX mailboxes. Choose the one that corresponds to the size of your shipment.

Place the shipment in the Z-BOX

Click on Open Z-BOX in the application and place the parcel in the open box, close the door and confirm by clicking on Parcel inserted. Confirm the insertion once more. And you're done!

Rules for inserting shipments into Z-BOX

To make sure your parcel reaches its recipient as quickly as possible, here are some recommendations on what to look out for when packing and shipping.

Submission Password

One shipment = one mailbox

Only parcels shipped via our app

The right dimensions

Suitable packaging

Letters do not belong in the Z-BOX

It won't work without a cover

A dropped-off parcel must have the 6-digit drop-off password (label) on it. Without that, it cannot be identified and delivered. So please make sure you write the password on the parcel legibly and with a permanent marker. Or print it and stick it well so it stays there.

Information you may find useful!

To submit a shipment via Z-BOX, all you need to do is download the Zásilkovna mobile application on your phone, pack the goods you are sending appropriately and find a Z-BOX with free capacity nearby.

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