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Zásilkovna and Alza Are Joining Forces

Thanks to our cooperation with Alza, we are expanding our network of pick-up points with AlzaBoxes. Do you have one of them nearby? Have a parcel delivered to it with Zásilkovna! The delivery price is the same as to our pick-up points.



Current number of Alzaboxes

AlzaBoxes With the Option of Storage of Parcels From Zásilkovna

Nonstop Pickup

AlzaBoxes are open 24/7.

Express Delivery

The parcel will arrive to the box the next day at the latest.

Fast Pickup

The pick-up point is self-service; you don’t have to wait in any lines.

Online Payment

You can pay online directly in the e-shop, in our app or via the SMS gateway.

Our Vision

We are constantly looking for ways to increase the convenience of parcel delivery, and one of the options is contactless pick-up points. Therefore, we are now using the network of self-service pick-up points of the market leader in technology. Customers simply select the option of picking up their goods at the AlzaBox directly in the e-shop shopping cart or in the mobile app.

Simona Kijonková
Founder of Zásilkovna and CEO of Packeta Group

How does it work?


Choose an AlzaBox between the pick-up points of Zásilkovna.


Zásilkovna will store your parcel in the selected AlzaBox.


Wait for the SMS with the password for pickup.


You can pick up your parcel at any time, the AlzaBox works 24/7.

The Vision of Alza

This is the first time that Alza has ever let another entity into its AlzaBoxes - Zásilkovna. We are currently expanding the AlzaBox network by hundreds of units, which means room for thousands of packages every day. This allows us to partner up with Zásilkova and make the most of all the pick-up points. Because our parcel boxes are contactless, this is a fast, secure and very popular way to deliver goods

Jan Moudrik
Jan Moudřík
Director of Expansion and Facilities at Alza


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